Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

Our website does not use trackers or provide advertisements to you. Images are cached on your local computer and are not stored in our server. If you decide to contact us by email, your email will be provided to use, but we will not use it in any other way than to contact you.

Use of Personal Information

The Mad Rockers do not collect information from you without informing you of the collection. The only way for us to receive your information is through the contact form, in which you can send us an email. This will provide us with the following information:

We will only use this information to contact you in a subsequent email. We will not disseminate this information to anybody else (see Communications).


Occasionally, visitors to the website will decide to contact the Mad Rockers. Any information provided while communicating with the Mad Rockers will only be used in subsequent communications between the team and the client. We will not disseminate your personal information to any outside party without your consent.